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THE BORING BLOG - The Wild West of Generation Z

January 08, 2024


Whether you like it or not, your city’s street interview tik tok rate is increasing at an exponential rate… Only kidding, but there is a shift in culture in your workplace, social media, and community due to OUR generation. Enter Generation Z.

 Who is Generation Z?

If you were born within 1997 and 2012, you are considered to be part of Generation Z. Each generation’s characteristics and behaviors are formed by the events that occurred in their life. In America, we group people by age range as it allows us to understand behaviors and outlooks on life based on the different segments of demographics. As of today the oldest Gen Zer is 26 years old, therefore this generation has been brought up through major technological advances, social media, the Great Recession, terrorism and war, social impact.

 What makes us so interesting?

These major events that happened throughout our upbringing, like the other generations, have put a stamp on our personalities and behaviors. With a life unknown without smartphones and social media, we have been connected to each other and everything that is happening around the world. This allows us to communicate with others, speak our thoughts freely, and react to events not only in America but around the world. Since our generation is not limited to our direct environment, global events influence our ability to expand our horizon and seek change.  Generation Z strives for authenticity in their experiences due to the ongoing search for truth behind everything. Lastly, we are entrepreneurial in spirit and financially responsible due to the economic downturns we have seen our parents go through. According to a study by Samsung, 50% of Gen Zers aspire to be an entrepreneur one day. This is so refreshing to see and hear at Boring Cloth, as we encourage you to unlock your creative potential and challenge the prevailing norms.

However, there is a lot of baggage that comes with being the ‘digital native’ generation. There is a loneliness and anxiety epidemic going on in our generation. Social media has allowed us to become content and avoid human interaction with constant dopamine hits with every scroll. We recognize the challenges that Gen Z is facing and want to express this in our products like our Don’t Trust Your Anxiety crewneck

 Looking Forward Charlotte 

As a Charlotte based company, we are excited to see this city grow in youthfulness as Gen Z continues to enter the workforce. There is no doubt that our generation will have a huge impact and change the landscape of our community. At Boring Cloth, we plan to interact with more of you all and be in tune with the culture of this city and our people. For now, we’re excited to see the impact you make due to your boredom!

Here are some things we are loving

SONG TO PLAY AFTER WORK: Silver Lining - Mt. Joy

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