How Boring Cloth Started, Boring Cloth Owner. Boring Cloth, started by Adam Allen during his  senior year of highschool is quite simply, like many great  things, an accident that turned into a passion. After  a sharpie drawing on a cheap hoodie gained some attention  owner and founder Adam Allen quickly discovered his love  for simple fashion. Since that day in 2018 Boring Cloth  has grown from an idea into an international company, shipping  to all fifty US states and over 20 other countries. With each  order spreads a simple message about the ever changing and  important twenty first century culture, and we hope you  can be apart of it. 

Boring Cloth donations. Boring Cloth community work. At Boring Cloth, founder Adam Allen belives  that with the company, comes the community. Since 2018 Boirng Cloth has been able to use its success to try and make an impact in local and national communities. Over the years donations have been made to local  families, The Kobe and Vanessa Bryant  Foundation, The Common Ground Foundation,  Larne Elementary School, Prevent Child Abuse  America, and others. For 2021 Boring Cloth  has set a doantion goal of $5,000 to families,  communities, schools,and charity organizations  in need. All Love.Who makes Boring Cloth. Where is Boring Cloth made. The production process here at Boring Cloth starts with our ethically made, and responsibly  sourced blank garments. Everything you see on  any Boring Cloth tees, hoodies, or crewnecks was hand printed, pressed, and tagged in house, right out of our home town of Clover, South Carolina. We have also been blessed enough to have made our first production hire this year, Miriam  Rodriguez a 17 year old, hard working, local high  school studentwho will be graduating in the  class of 2021.